World Class Equipment Rental Service in Trinidad

Up To Date, Well Maintained, Top Brand Equipment For Your Project


Busy Bee Equipment Rentals Ltd. is a young, dynamic organisation with a desire to deliver “GRADE A” CUSTOMER SERVICE, no matter how difficult the challenge. We understand that a premium service requires total commitment towards the quality of the product as well as the standard maintenance challenges. This is why we only have top brand equipment from manufacturers with a strong reputation for reliability. We also have a meticulous maintenance program that is strictly adhered to.


Our management has implemented
stimulated by:

  • Adopting a zero harm perspective.
  • Maintaining a strict policy of reporting any accidents.
  • Supplying the correct tools, PPE, information and assistance to carry out the task at hand safely.
  • Continuously reviewing our operations to identify any concerns on health, safety, environment and efficiency.
  • Continually enhancing safety awareness via safety meetings, toolbox talks and fortnightly safety reviews.
  • Upholding the approach that no job is too important that it cannot be carried out safely.
  • Empowering employees to stop the job at the first sign of any unsafe act.
  • Strengthening the mindset that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Being prepared to respond in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Keeping an open door policy.

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